1. 7/2/14. 7:46pm

    I don’t understand why you’re not with me right now
    I don’t understand what’s happening
    I don’t want to keep reaching out
    I don’t know why you’re not reaching for me
    I don’t know what I’m doin
    I can’t explain my gut feelings
    I check in with myself when I’m feeling ‘normal’
    Now is not the time
    I can’t judge you
    I don’t know why it’s over
    I don’t know why you havent called as you said you would
    I don’t know why I would believe you anyway
    I don’t know what the right decision is
    I’m trying to avoid things getting messy
    I never thought you would be a coward
    I don’t know why I still feel you nearby, sooo close to me
    I don’t know why nothing makes sense
    I don’t know what happens next


  2. father’s day 2014

    I hadnt thought about it actually

    i ran the streets hard yesterday, i was beyond pooped when i got home, and my phone had died, so to recharge it, and the first text i received was one from my same father sister, asking how was i was, this my first fathers day without my dad

    i paused because, again i hadnt thought about it, just yet

    i went into instagram and to see all of the photos hit me a bit, and i started to cry

    i went back to instagram a little later and not i noticed how many people  know who have lost there dads, some i never knew, and some i just never knew the story

    i cried again

    i cried on and off most of today

    i had to run out for a proper distraction, and i was heading back, i got text from someone important to me, telling me that he knows that today is a bit different for me, and wishing me well

    on the subway, hot tears ran down my face, for what seemed like the longest subway ride ever

    i knew it was time to write this

    simply: i miss him, more than ever

    i forgave him while he was at Mt Sinai

    and I accepted his passing while at University of Maryland

    Rest Well Papa

  3. rest well

  4. Yesterday I attended my second Roots Picnic, a local Philadelphia festival, showcasing mostly hip hop artists, I would go again


  5. June 1

    It half over, the year is half over
    My love wasn’t wanted
    So I’m gathering my things and trying to find a place to put it
    Love is all around me,… I hear about it and I see it, it’s attracting itself to me and I to it and this ain’t a bad thing
    Someone just spoke of how he’s buying a ring next week after two years, he’s sure and god bless the two of them
    I’ve placed one of those super stong band aids over this wound because I should just face facts
    I’ve heard the facts and seen his frustration so I don’t want to add to it
    I know I’m nothing to him

    I had to leave and I’m willing to fight you for Stevie Wonder
    I need you exorcised from my head an my heart

  6. Burberry Prorsum

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  7. rest

  8. rest

  9. Nala Diagouraga got next

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  10. 4/28. 6:33am after praying

    Dear Bklyn,
    I swear you’ll read this one, I may make sure of it
    The speed of week one and then month one swallowed me whole
    It seemed so well plotted out
    And I fear that you, like the Que, didn’t see me
    I’m not sure about anything anymore with regards to you
    I keep asking myself it this was a wasted five months
    I have one unprotected regret
    I question if you were indeed real
    Dare I say, sincere
    Everything seems to have been a mindfuck