1. 4.19

    Beside me u see an empty chair
    I’m on an airplane
    I’ve take another journey solo
    I enjoyed myself
    I had invited another, I had hoped he would make, it would’ve been dope had he, he didn’t
    I stayed in a decent hotel with a big beautiful bed
    Without him to enjoy carnal pleasures with
    I beached and I love the beach and I asked strangers to photograph me because I went alone
    I’ve already made solo plans in the coming months, some because I just wanted to do that bad and I didn’t want my female friends or a him to deny the good time I wanted
    So I made plans.
    It’s been two weeks since our last exchange
    Fuck happened?
    I’ve already made myself crazy thinking about it but really, fuck happened?
    I wanted to call u during this layover or text u but I can’t deal with the not answering
    I may have to make a sacrifice, I may have to sacrifice for male company
    It’s what I want, not just any tho and To be honest, but his
    I bought u something back from this solo trip, and somehow in my gut I know ur gonnna show up soon, but honestly Im worn out
    I’ve worn myself out truth be told
    So currently, where we are right now is a place I can’t let this happen again
    I can’t give this power over anymore, so I’m taking it back
    I wanna see fireworks at fourth of July
    I want cookouts with u Memorial Day weekend
    I want music festivals with u
    I want to meet your friends
    We’re too far into this year

    All that being said, I prayed during this flight and the same answer as this morning.
    Be Still.


  3. Saturday, March 29, 8:30am

    and I’m not sure if I’m dealing with heart break or ache or not
    I’m not sure if this is the mourning phase or not
    this is an on purpose weekend? It’s for a reason that I’m being forced to talk to strangers all day today
    that I’m not going to be allowed to over think everything today
    I would luv to just be alone today? Alone in these feelings, alone with my thoughts but that could be too much
    It’s easier when u know and it takes longer when you don’t know
    it’s contemplative weather
    I’m emotional
    it’s a disaster what’s happening
    you gotta come clean
    you’re being messy
    messy is how you got your second child
    you want to keep me
    The longer this takes the worst it will be
    clean it up now

  4. and a Happiest Birthday to you

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  6. 3/18

    I’m sure because of the complexities of everything I felt every time he touched me last night
    Am I afraid to say love?
    He’s like a drug
    His kisses leave me breathless, not being cliche, I had to stop because I couldn’t breath, literally
    His hands have no violating forcefulness
    I see him never harming me with his touch
    By now, I should’ve stopped smiling once he leaves
    By now, time should have picked up normal speed and not be moving so fast
    By now, there should be enough hours in a day with him
    He’s plotting.
    I’m waiting to tell him yes.

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  8. Lupita.

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